MIS and ERP Implementation

Operational efficiency is equally important as financial soundness for sustainability and growth of an organization. In the present scenario, information has become a primary resource for conducting business activities. The retrieval of right information at the right time has become the key for organizational success.

Information can be both internal and external. Internal information pertains to different organizational departments and business partners whereas external information normally relates to political, social, and economic scenario.

To help people across the organization access information from any workstation, Management Information System (MIS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools are used to integrate information flow within an organization.

There are organizations that specialize in implementing MIS and ERP solutions on different networks. They analyze the client requirement, the nature of data flow, organization structure, the usage level, and then design the system. Their main aim is to avoid duplication of data and provide easy retrieval of information to everyone at a click of a button. They also have to take into account the protection of confidential data from unauthorized users. Moreover, how similar data elements are collated and categorized under a single information sheet is also a task performed by these organizations.

They have a team of professionals who work on the site of implementation in close coordination with the organizational staff to deliver effective results. However, the system is designed and implemented within the allocated budget. They also provide the cost-benefit analysis of the proposed system to the client to help him take a final decision.

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