Accounting Advisory services

Across the world, it is mandatory for all types of organizations to maintain financial records as per their regulatory framework. However, increasing complexity of the business environment is leading to frequent changes in the accounting provisions on regular basis. This makes it difficult for organizations to keep tap of such changes and incorporate the same in their accounting books on timely basis.

As accounting advisors, we inform our clients of new or revised accounting standards and explain how they will reflect and affect their financial statements. We also provide a vast range of accounting services. Our team of dedicated professionals has the expertise in identifying your accounting needs and suggests a feasible solution accordingly.

Clients who are interested in taking a public route to raise funds also get assistance in recording the new accounting entries in their accounting books. From time-to-time, we also train the internal staff of the organization on how to deal with complex reporting requirements.

Moreover, organizations having offshore business connections need not worry about GAAP conversion challenges. We provide clients with an insight into the conversion process and help them with the conversion.

We also take care of complex accounting issues related to new financial instruments like derivatives, hedging, depository receipts, etc. We give a clear idea about how such transactions affect the accounting structure of an organization.

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