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Arbitration is a type of dispute resolution mechanism sort by people who want to avoid going through the cumbersome legal procedure for resolving conflicts. Due to the growing complexity of business environment, disputes are rising at an alarming rate. This has led to an increase in the number of consultants that specialize in providing arbitration services to its clients.

We as an arbitrator are hired to negotiate and deal with the disputed party on behalf of our client. Our main aim is to provide all the disputed parties with a solution that will be in favor of all.

As arbitration is a step higher than mediation, we have a specialized team of attorneys who are proficient in handing different types of dispute cases pertaining to domestic arbitration. They are equipped with the necessary legal knowledge that helps them prepare a strong standpoint in favor of the client. They also have the experience of handling complex arbitration cases.

We also focus on speeding up the process of arbitration thereby reducing the cost, emotional stress, and time to the maximum. Overall, arbitration is a tool that is less expensive and more flexible than litigation for the settlement of disputes.

Depending upon the industry under which the dispute falls, we assign a team having the expertise in the particular industry. We also believe in adopting a simple yet impactful arbitration method to ensure a hassle-free resolution for the clients.

Apart from arbitration, we also provide consultancy in other areas like business and financial restructuring, project management, corporate tax, etc.

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